Best selling vegetarian cook book writer Deco Nakajima welcomes you to experience the best of Japanese classic country living at Country Inn: Jiji no ie. Located in the Isumi region of the Boso peninsula, this beautiful country inn is easily accessed from both downtown Tokyo and Narita International Airport. Home to fine surfing beaches, 1,200 hundred year old temples and ancient fortress remains, the local Isumi region is considered the Provence of Japan, thanks to its beautiful scenery and abundance of organic farms supplying Tokyo’s finest Michelin restaurants. 

Collaborating with a team of Japan’s most creative sustainable architects, craftsmen and traditional gardeners Deco has created a unique country inn that offers not only relaxation for the body and soul but a totally new Japanese aesthetic experience to awaken the imagination and the senses. Whether you spend your time just relaxing in the inns classical garden, taking barefoot walks along the beach or sitting zazen with a local zen master, we believe your stay with us will be special.

In the kitchen, Deco and her staff create elegant and healthy organic dishes based on the concept of Japanese terroir, using vegetables from the inn’s garden and an abundance of home fermented ingredients. The writer of over nine cookbooks, Deco regularly hosts enjoyable cooking classes and healthy living workshops. Jiji no ie, directly translated into English means “Grandpa’s Home,” but it has a dual meaning that suggests a deep sympathetic relationship between man and nature. It is Deco wish that each guest experiences a sense of returning home to nature and comes away with a Japanese sense of relaxed oneness of body and spirit.

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