Brown’s Field is an organic farm, café, shop and country inn located just over an hour from downtown Tokyo, on the Boso Peninsula. Set amongst the rice fields, Brown’s Field is a tranquil environment to come and relax and enjoy the simple and pure attributes of nature and to return to the traditions of Japanese farmhouse living.

Rice Terrace Cafe

Open for lunch on Friday through Sunday the Rice Terrace Café serves food grown on the farm, sourced from local farmers and foraged in the nearby woods. The cafe's vegan menu focuses on fermentation: including homemade miso, soy sauce, umeboshi, amazake and pickled vegetables.

Farm to Table Country Inn: Jiji no ie

For those who want to truly relax in the comfort of a traditional Japanese country manor house, Jiji no Ie provides that experience along with excellent farm to table cuisine. The inn’s earth and clay walls and organic tatami floors, along with exquisite hand carved sliding screen doors, provide an ideal opportunity to experience Japanese craftsmanship in an atmosphere ideally suited to unwind and connect with nature.

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